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Poster: indiworks Date: Oct 1, 2006 7:27am
Forum: movies Subject: problem with one particular file when trying to download it externally: "We're experiencing system slowness...." but the download works via the file's archive page.

for some reason i keep having problems with one of my uploaded movies. at first i only get this message: "We're experiencing system slowness - please try again in a little while. Thanks for your patience!" but trying again later does not seem to help. the only ways to start the downloads are to:

• either link directly to the file (via "1/items" - but i am aware that this is not ideal),

• or to go to the file's archive media page and to try downloading it from there. at first i might get that "thanks for your patience" message, but it eventually works. i then can stop the download and it also works via an external link/site.

i have never had this problem with any of my other files. could there be something wrong with that particular file...? or is this really just temporary...? (which i fear might not be the case, since all my other files still work and the download via the file's archive page works as described...)

i am also asking since i need this file for an rss feed and somehow all feed aggregators seem to be confused by that error message and download a 4 kb dummy file that of course can't be played back.

any tips for how to possibly fix this would be welcome!

thank you.